What Is Used For Sedation Dentistry?

How sedation dentistry from your dentists in Frederick, MD, can help relieve dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is the real deal, causing real physical consequences like increased heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, hyperventilating, and other uncomfortable symptoms. You can relieve those symptoms by choosing sedation dentistry.

The dentists and dental specialists at Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center in Frederick, MD, offer comprehensive dental care and dental specialty services, including sedation dentistry.

People suffer dental anxiety for various reasons, including:

  • A bad dental experience in the past
  • A bad dental outcome in the past
  • Fear of the smells and sounds in the dental office
  • Fear of being laid back in the dental chair
  • Fear of needles and sharp instruments

Whatever your reason for experiencing dental anxiety, dental sedation can help you have a calm, relaxing, pain-free experience, while you get needed dental work completed.

There are a few types of sedation used in sedation dentistry, each delivering a different level of sedation:

Oral sedation, taken in the form of a pill, shortly before your appointment. This is a mild form of sedation, providing relaxation.

Inhaled conscious sedation, taken in the form of a nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture which you inhale through a nosepiece. This method also provides mild sedation.

Combined oral and inhaled sedation, which provides a deeper, more profound level of sedation. You might fall asleep during your appointment and not remember much of your appointment.

Intravenous conscious sedation, which delivers liquid sedative medications directly into your bloodstream through an IV. This method provides the most profound sedation, putting you to sleep during your appointment.

Your dentist or dental specialist can help you decide which sedation method is best for you. When you choose sedation dentistry, you must bring a person with you who can drive you home after your appointment.

Sedation dentistry can calm your fears and help you get the necessary dental work completed.

To learn more about how sedation dentistry can help relieve dental anxiety, call the dentists and dental specialists at Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center in Frederick, MD. You can reach them by calling (240) 673-3293, so call now!

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