Dental Equipment Available For Outside Dentists

Due to accreditation rules, no outside electric or pneumatic procedure equipment is allowed at ASCs so MDSD&SC will provide the required equipment for doctors to use.  Most of our equipment is available for use and is signed out prior to use by the dentist performing the procedures.  We try to provide only the highest level and state of the art equipment for dentists to use  while at our facility.  We understand that your time and your patients' time is valuable. We don't want the equipment functionality to be an issue.   Since most dentists have a personal preference on materials, the dentist performing the work will provide their own prosthetic materials, filling material, crowns and implants, etc.  Gases and equipment will be provided.  Instruments like extraction instruments are the dentists'   If you do not see required equipment prior to your procedure day, please call our office to make arrangements.

Cone Beam CT Scanner / Panoramic X-ray / Cephalography - Vatech adjustable field of view

Large Screen TV Mounts for X-ray analysis


Electric Dental High Speed Handpiece

Electric Dental Slow Speed Handpieces

X-ray sensors (digital)

X-ray (Wall Mounted and Portable)

General Anesthesia Machines

Nitrous Oxide Systems

Implant Handpieces

Surgical Handpieces

Surgical Micro Bone Saw

Intraoral Cameras

Curing lights

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