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Expand your offering to your patients: Have you had patients that insisted on sedation beyond nitrous oxide but you have been unable to offer it?  Have you had to refer out some really good cases because the patient couldn't or wouldn't sit still or was so anxious they wouldn't let you do the work?  Do you wish you could perform sedation dentistry but your not sure you have enough patients to justify the costs of the education, facility modification or the inspection process?  

Every Dentist with a Maryland License now has the option of being a Sedation Dentist: Your solution to offering sedation to all your patients is now available.  Welcome  to the Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center where you can treat all your own patients under general anesthesia without the need for hospital privileges, extra licenses and courses, or having to modify your existing space or hire an anesthesiologist.  We've done it all for you.  And the best part is, your are able to bill for your own services.   We simply charge the patients for anesthesia services and a facility charge.  You will treatment plan at your own office, collect fees at your own office, bill insurances out of your own office and the patient remains under your care.  

Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center is a true Surgical Center, accredited though the AAAHC, Medicare and Medicaid.  This unique status of being a true Surgical Center with state of the art operating rooms and procedure rooms means you can perform work in an outpatient environment while your patient is sedated. The ORs are Class III and the procedure rooms are Class II. What that means is, we have the capability to do the most invasive surgical procedures.  This opens the possibilities for dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists to do procedures they previously needed hospital privileges for. 

This is a game changer for your dental practice.  Team up with us to provide the level of care your patients are seeking.

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