Financial Policies

Charges At The Surgical Center (Patients)

Usually the largest part of a patient's bills will come from your dentist's office.  Your dentists office will charge you for things like crowns, bridges, fillings, root canals, implants and things like that.  The Surgical Center will usually only charge for the anesthesia services and a facility charge. These charges are charged by the hour.  We will estimate the patient portion and submit all claims to the patient's insurance company.

Charges At The Surgical Center (Doctors)

Doctors will be charged a nominal fee for annual credentialing, which allows you to use the facility and in some instances, a small charge will be applied for the use of specialty instruments that are rented and signed out at the facility.    The dentist/doctor will bill directly for any procedures they perform out of their own office.  

Payment Options

We accept checks, cash or credit cards. We also offer a flexible payment plans. Please see our Financial Coordinator for details. We are happy to file both medical and dental insurance for your reimbursement.  Insurance benefits estimates are estimates, actual benefits are determined by your insurance plan and all non-covered expenses are the responsibility of the patient.  

Financing Options

We have several third party financing companies that we help our patients apply to.  These companies are here to help you pay for treatments and procedures your insurance doesn’t cover. At the Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center in Frederick, Maryland, we offer financing or low minimum monthly payment options so you can get what you want, when you want it.  It’s easy to apply for and our front team members can help you do it at our office.  For more information ask our financing coordinator for assistance. 

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