When You Might Need To Visit A Dental Surgical Center

Are you having pain in your jaw or were told you need a tooth removed? A number of conditions may require oral surgery. Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center in Frederick, MD, offers a complete range of dental services. We also specialize in the treatment of oral and maxillofacial conditions. Here are six reasons why you may need oral surgery. 

1. Replace Missing Teeth

Is your smile missing teeth? Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces lost teeth with false teeth that look and function like natural teeth. Dental implants can restore your smile, improve your appearance, and make you look years younger. Dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. 

2. Jaw Repair

Jaw surgery is performed by oral surgeons to correct a range of dental and skeletal irregularities, including the misalignment of teeth and jaws. Jaw surgery can improve speaking, breathing, and chewing. Jaw surgery is usually only recommended where the misalignment affects everyday functions such as eating, speaking, and sleeping.

3. Tooth Extraction

Need to get that tooth pulled? An extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. An extraction may be necessary if your tooth is so damaged that it cannot be fixed with a dental restoration. A dentist or oral surgeon who specializes in surgeries of the mouth can extract your tooth. 

4. Root Canal Therapy

In the past, injured or diseased teeth often had to be extracted. Today, they can be saved through root canal therapy. It's necessary to have a root canal when the pulp becomes infected or inflamed as a result of a chip or crack in the tooth or decay. Root canal treatment has a high success rate. A root-canal-treated tooth can last a lifetime with proper care. 

5. Treat a Facial Injury

Facial trauma is any physical trauma to the face. Oral surgeons are experts in treating and repairing facial injuries and trauma, including facial lacerations and fractures of the jaws. Their knowledge of how jaws come together is critical when repairing a complex facial fracture.

If you need oral surgery, why wait? We can help you today. Call Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center in Frederick, MD, at 240-673-3293 right now to schedule a dental appointment. Our world-class dental team is committed to providing you with the best treatments possible.

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